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"I feel overwhelmed by the thought of it, but still want to do it".

You are not alone in your thinking. Many families go through a battle of self doubt when it comes to making this huge decision. Below are some questions that other parents including myself have asked.  ANSWERS ARE PROVIDED. 

"I enjoyed quarantine schooling but how do I know what to teach if the schools are not producing the work?

"Isn't Homeschooling only for teachers?"

"I don't have the time"

"I don't know how to teach!"

"I am not confident enough". 

"How can I manage homeschooling with all the cooking, cleaning and working?"

"I performed badly at school". 

"I don't even know where to start!

Check out some of the answers below!

Mask Display

Is quarantine schooling the same?

Question 1


Is home educating


Question 5

Engineers at work

Can I still go to work?

Question 9

Making a Globe

Should I home school my children?

Question 2


Can I home educate part time?

Question 6

Studying at Home

What does home education look like?

Question 10

Image by Adam Winger

Can I homeschool as a single parent?

Question 3

Happy Children

What are the benefits?

Question 7

Technology Class

Should I follow the National Curriculum?

Question 11

Image by Vijesh Datt

Do I need to have a qualification?

Question 4

Image by Clay Banks

Will I get financial support?

Question 8

Snack Time

Is it too late to home school a teen?

Question 12

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