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Successfully homeschooling since 2013

Enriquez - Point one of 1point3family
Tiago - Point two of 1point3family

About Us

Malaya Skye - Point three of 1point3family

Where we began

I left school at the end of year 5. It was the best decision ever as I hated school.

I was home schooled from the end of year 2. I was happy to spend more time with my mum but I knew i'd miss my friends. 

I left school at the end of year 1. I was happy to leave as I wanted to spend more time with my mum.

 Where we finished..

Rico, 20

I finished my home school journey at 16 and competed my A Levels at Sixth Form. I am now in my final year of University studying Medical Science. I work in a bar, I tutor English online. Alongside this I hold a UK driving licence, I am still an anime enthusiast and have recently got involved in voice coaching.

Tiago, 18

I finished my ICCEs at the age of 16 and then went to college to study business but realised it was not the right route for me. I  am now working on my clothing brand, my online presence whilst continuing's to study for the advance levels of the ICCE. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and I just passed my driving test.

Malaya, 16

I finished my ICCEs a year early, then spent my final home schooling year studying Law at A level. I now spend my days at a top independent Girls School where I will start in September. I want to go to Oxford University to become a lawyer. I run a business and my hobbies involve training my dog in sports. 

We don't do school at home! We home educate as a lifestyle!

    What stage      
      are you at?     

The Benefits of
Home education!

1. More Family Time
2. Character building
3. Individualised curriculum
4. No extra homework
5. Freedom to plan & play
6. Emotional Well Being
7. Different Socialisation
8. Lifestyle choices
9. Better work-life balance
10. Successful

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