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What is de-schooling and how do I do it?

De-schooling is a transition period from school to home for children who have recently been removed from their school.


It gives the child a chance to adjust to the new learning style and allows the parent to get prepared for the new task at hand. It also allows families to spend more time together whilst figuring out what to do next.


At the start of the home education journey, parents often go

through a phase of panic and wonder if they have done the

right thing. This is very normal and try not to take on too

much during this stage of the process.

How do I write an educational philosophy?

You do not have to write an educational statement although many home educators choose to.


It is basically a statement on what you think is important to teach your child and how you intend to do it. It is for you so does not have to be fancy and is a way of focusing your mind on the things that are important to your household.

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