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This may be an option as a short-term solution. For example, if your child has a long-term illness, is being hospitalised for a period of time or they just need to be absent from school for some other reason then part-time schooling may be possible. this is often called flexi-schooling as your child will still be registered with a school. Therefore the school will still hold responsibility for their education. This is not the same as home education as you will not be taking on the full responsibility for their education. There are exceptions to the rule, but this would probably need to be discussed with your local authority. 

Will my child benefit stop?


Child Benefit is payable for ALL children in full-time education whether at school or otherwise. If your child is continuing home education past 16, you will need to inform the Child Benefit Office (HMRC) as they need to be continuing their full-time education post 16 to continue to receive it.

Can I home

educate part time?


Will I get funding if I home educate?


If you decide to home educate your child you will not get financial support from the government.


You should continue to receive child benefit. Try not to worry as home education does not have to be expensive and you can get lots of curriculum online for free. Become a member of this site to receive links to free curriculum.

Can I still go to work if I decide to home educate?


You can still go to work if you decide to homeschool but you would most likely need to re-evaluate the way you work, the timing of your work and make sure that you are still able to provide your child with a suitable education. 

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