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What does home education look like?


Do I have to follow the National Curriculum?

You do not have to follow the national curriculum but you can if you choose to. Our 1Point3Family Curriculum comes out on April 20th 2021. Click here to be added to the waiting list. Now that my children are older we use a curriculum called the Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum (A.C.E) but there are many choices out there.


The National Curriculum was designed to be used by schools to give a broad and balanced curriculum to all pupils. A parent home educating using the National Curriculum does not have to stick with the recommended time frames so can work on say; year 6 maths with a child in year 4 or they may still teach phonics to a child in year 3 . You can go as fast or as slow as is necessary for your child. Your child also does not have to take GCSEs or do any type of test for example the SATs or the Phonics Screening Test.


Homeschooling will look different for many families, however one thing you will most likely see are children and their parents together during the day! Usually you'd expect to see less parents during the day as they would normally be in school. Homeschooling does not look like school, even though the name suggests otherwise. 

Am I too late to
home school my child?


I've heard the saying that it is never too late but I would say it all depends on your personal situation. Legally, it is never too late but please note that once you remove your child from school you will lose their school placement and if you did want to send them back, you must re-apply.

if you have a child in year 10 or 11 you may need to plan this out more carefully. It is hard to get a school place during Y10 and Y11, let alone re-enter due to it being the exam years. If your child would like to go down the traditional route of education and would like to attend sixth form or college at the same rate as their peers, you'd need to consider the timing more carefully but I'd say in most other situations it can be done.

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