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Education is compulsory in England but attending school is not. Home educators take full responsibility for their child’s education. Therefore, even if your school has been closed and you are doing school at home, you are not legally classed as a home educator.

With quarantine schooling, the schools are still responsible for the child's education but with home education the parents are responsible.


We home educate which is not the same as doing school at home where work is set by teachers and expected by parents. Some

home-educating families may choose to hire a tutor in a similar way but this would be privately paid for and is usually geared to what the child wants to do or what the parent wants them to do.

Is 'Quarantine Schooling' the same as 'Home Schooling?'

Not Quite!

In March 2020, the UK went into lockdown and families were asked to homeschool their children. Now, this is quite a good example of what the 'idea' of homeSCHOOL looks like to many but it not what it looks like to us.

Maybe you have downloaded and printed several worksheets based on topics set by your child’s class teacher. You were able to get some insight into how your child learns and basically did a lot of work with them at home. Although there were many similarities such as cooking three meals a day, finding time to entertain them in between their lessons, the increase in laundry and in electricity. However, there is still some confusion in the name!

Children Reading the Holy Bible
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