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Below are video's from two home school mummas unpacking
5 types of methods.

The different 
home-school methods

Some of which are

Tradition home -schooling,

World home-schooling,

Eclectic home-schooling,

Classical home -schooling,

Montessori home -schooling,

Charlotte Mason home -schooling,

African Centred home -schooling


Traditional education deals with long established customs that society traditionally used in schools and still do.


Teacher-centred methods focusing on rote learning, student-centred learning as well as task-based approaches to learning.


World schooling is a branch of unschooling where the families may not follow a structure curriculum.

It includes a desire to travel, to introduce children to the wider world around them. It is a flexible and holistic approach to learning and a willingness to understand and become sensitive to other worldviews.


Unschooling is a type of home education that allows the student’s interests and curiosities to lead the path of learning.


Without a curriculum, the child is trusted to gain knowledge naturally with learning geared toward their learning and personality style. Unschooling is active in nature


Classical education is an approach to teaching and learning based on a three-part process to training the mind, called the trivium.


This method was used in schools for decades and taught children to think for themselves.

Unit Study

Unit studies is a great way to homeschool multiple ages. We did this during our first year and looking back, my teens have great memories of this period in their lives.  

You think of a topic as study as much as you can together as a family. Watch this video for more information.

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