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What is the Charlotte Mason method?

Charlotte Mason was a British author, teacher, and lecturer of the late 1800s. She believed in the plentiful use of narrative literature, time spent outdoors exploring, The appreciation for art, music, and nature, Journaling, narration, dictation, and copy work.


If you are interested in a free curriculum online using this method. Go to:

What is Christian homeschooling?

My decision to home-educate is rooted in the core belief that it it my responsibility to educate my children and I believe their education should reflect, support, and extend from their religious beliefs. At the core of my Christian beliefs is the Word of God -the Bible, the source of foundational truth for living, working, marriage, and even rearing children.

Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6.


I use a curriculum called Accelerate Christian Education (A.C.E) If you are interested in this form of education click here:

What is African Centred Home school?

African-cantered education is an approach to learning where all subjects have an African focus. The perspective is typically from a Pan-African view and mission. Rather than learning the usual taught languages of Spanish, French and German they may focus on languages such as Swahili or Twi

(a dialect of Akan). In History they will focused on Africa, famous African Americans and others in the diaspora.


Children will be taught African proverbs and spirituality for morale building. Families might pray to their ancestors. Hemet philosophy of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality and justice is usually embedded into the curriculum in some form. We dipped in and out of the curriculum in the past but it went against our foundational beliefs of the God of the bible so we stopped.

What is eclectic homeschooling?

This broad educational style is at the heart of the approach of many, many families who choose to home-educate.


Eclectic home education is the philosophy of combining and matching a variety of resources to develop a model that works for the whole child.  It involves trial and error and a mixture of learning styles and approaches that may work one month and change the next. 1Point3Curriculum is eclectic in style.

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