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I regularly discuss with other families and parents contemplating whether to join the ever growing community of homeschoolers.  I therefore host free webinars with like minded parents like you.  The reason is so that I can help you with your decision of whether to home school or not.

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You are not alone and I am excited to show you how
you can finalise your decision.

Many parents like you have
thought about home schooling
their own children. Many have
taken the step to do it whilst
others thought about it for a
long time, never made an official
decision and now wonder what life
would have been like if they had
chosen to do it.

For some parents the decision came
easy. For me it was a call from God and
once I knew - I just knew it was the right
way for us to go. Yet for others, they
thought it through, they got equipped
with the knowledge and then decided that it was not right for their family.

So you are thinking of
home schooling your child?

Our Next Webinar will be held on the 22nd April 2023.

1. Watch the video below to see if
home schooling would be a good option for you.

2. Watch this next video to see why
home schooling may not be right for your family. 

3.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel for information on homeschooling

Wild Scenery

I started this YouTube channel in 2013 and I am still logging my homeschool journey. I'd love to connect with you over there.

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