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Where can I find A homeschool group?

Answer: Face Book

There is a great home school community on Facebook. Just go into groups and type in home school or home education and a list will come up. If you do not find any locally yo you, then maybe think about Creating your own. The above group is one that I set up and ran for many years. If you would like tips on running your own home school group them send me a message to be added to the waiting list as I will be giving tips and tricks very soon.

Where can I find a home school tutor?

You can find a home-school tutor in the same way that you'd find a school tutor.


Many tutors work with students who attend mainstream schools but full time tutors would usually have more availability for tuition during the day than they would with after school tuition.

The first thing that you would need to do is think about whether you want a tutor for exams or for non exams as having a goal in mind will make it easier to decide how much to invest.

Facebook groups, word of mouth or tutoring agencies are a good place to start.

If you are looking for a home-school tutor for a primary school children, then I am the one you want lol!

I am a qualified teacher and have been teaching since 2005. I tutor primary aged children in maths and English and as registered IEW instructor, I also teach creative writing classes to children age 8 to 16 (not at the same time). My level A classes are for children aged 8 -11 and my level B classes are for children aged 12 - 16. Please go to the classes section for more information or contact me directly for maths and English enquiries and I would be happy to help. 

How will my child take their SATs / GCSEs?

Click here to be taken to 'Education otherwise'. They hold a long list of local groups that you could join.

Where can I find resources?

Enriquez point one of 1point3family

Have a look below at some of the many

resources available for you. There are lots

to share, so come back frequently as I add to the list.

Phonics/ Reading:


Oxford Owl:

Phonics Books:

Phonics Play:

App: Audible

App: Vooks


Dyslexia Codebreakers:


Spelling Frame:


App: Spelling Shed

App: Scrabble Go

App: Sir Linkalot


EC Publishing:

GCSE English Revision:


ICT Games (confusingly named):

Literacy Wagolls:

Paragraph Punch:


Teach It English:

Teach It:

The Story Starter:

Word Hippo:



Corbett Maths:

Exam Solutions:

Hegarty Maths:

Just Maths:

Katie’s Classroom:

Khan Academy:

Little Streams:

Manga High:

Math Chimp:

Math Game Time:

Math Playground:

Maths Antics:

Maths Frame:

Maths Genie:

Maths Is Fun:

Maths Made Easy:

Maths Print:

My Mini Maths:



On Maths:

Pixi Maths:

Priority Learning:

Prodigy Game:


The Maths Factor:




Chemistry Revision:

Crest Awards:

Free Science Lessons:

Isaac Computer Science:

Isaac Physics:

Mystery Science:

NASA Kids Club:

Physics and Maths Tutor:


The Happy Scientist:

Tree Tools:

Other Educational Sources:

Active Learn Primary:

Art: Artful Parent:

Art: Red Ted Art:

Art: The Imagination Tree:

BBC Bitesize:

BBC Learning:

Big History Project:

British Council:

Classroom Secrets:

Computing: Blockly:

Computing: Code Cademy:

Computing: Code Star Wars:

Computing: General Assembly:

Computing: Kodable:

Computing: Scratch:

DT: Tinkercad:


Every School:

Future Learn:

Geography: World Georgraphy Games:

History: British Museum:

MFL: Busuu:

MFL: Duo Lingo:

MFL: Languages Online:

Mrs M Activity:

National Geographic Kids:

Paw Print Badges:

Primary Homework Help:

Primary Resources:

Purple Mash:

Seneca Learning:

Teaching Ideas:


The Crash Course:

The Exam Coach:

Top Marks:



YouTube Learning:

For Fun:

5-A-Day Fitness:

Blue Peter Badges:

Cbeebies Radio:

Fun Brain:

Go Noodle:

Grid Club:

IDEA Awards:

Kids Think Design:

PBS Kids:

Pre School Express:

Splash Learn:


Super Simple:

Ted Ed:

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach:

The Kids Should See This:

Toy Theater:

Typing Club:

Young Zine:

App: Squeebles

App: Discovering Mindblown

App: Who Was? Adventure

App: Star Wars

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